How this awesome AI can help better understand your customers

Eva by voicera is disrupting how you meet with clients.

How this awesome AI can help improve your business relationships. Last year I had the wonderful experience of founding my own company, LiquiTrader. I had developed a badass crypto trading bot, that was the easy part. After the concept was proven I had to manage relationships with investors, team, and customers. This was overwhelming, to say the least. So I did what I know how to do, research methods and find tools. Of all the tools I experimented with throughout this period one blew me away: Eva, Voicera’s AI meeting assistant. Eva is an AI assistant you invite into your meetings via different services such as google voice or zoom. Eva records the conversation and uploads it to the cloud for analysis. The data it provides is amazing. It gives you information about people said, with how much emphasis, whether it was happy, angry, or frustrated. It helps you pick up what was important in the meeting as well as how important each point was for your customer. We’re all human, we’re not going to always catch every tone of every word in every meeting. In a meeting over an hour long you’d be surprised how much you don’t catch. With this tool, you can go back and review the play by play of every important moment in a conversation. This is a game changer when it comes to improving a relationship with your important customers. Now I’m going to go over a few examples from an hour-long meeting I had with my partner as well as an investor regarding the planning of a new product. (note I just realized I can't get screenshots of all features since I no longer have a subscription so I’ll use google images)

  1. voicera word cloud

The first visualization you see on the dashboard is the word cloud. This is an interactive word cloud of the most important words used in a meeting. They’ve either been repeated many times or said with great emphasis. You can click on any of the words and it will bring you to an audio clip of where it was mentioned as well as provide a transcribed copy

  1. voicera highlights

Eva automatically highlights points in each meeting and provides a simple easy to consume summary

  1. Voicera also highlights sections by tone. So you can see all the parts where someone sounded frustrated or confused. This information is invaluable because you can see potential points your client or team is struggling with to readdress and make sure everyone is on the same page. This isn’t even close to a full display of what Eva can do for your company. If you want to both provide a better experience for your customers, and help bring your team even closer together, check out the free trial at